Monday, October 01, 2007

Oh, the things I've learned

Someday I'll start writing them all down. Lately, I've been learning things that I hope I'll never have to put to use again. For example: tips for evicting a tenant who isn't paying. Or: how to propose.

But it's actually REALLY hard to remember everything we learn. That's why I'm trying to learn to go with what my gut tells me, rather than whatever I can figure out through conscious thought.

I'm sure I've missed out on countless opportunities where someone told me: "oh, I have a friend who works in that business", or "I know someone who can get tickets for that if you ever need them". I say: "Oh yeah? Cool."

Then I promptly forget.

I read a ton of really interesting books. But ask me to summarize them, and I'll stammer and stutter. Ask me what I've learned and I could probably tell you one or two things.

There is too much information floating around out there. Even if I write it down, when the time comes to recall that information I probably won't even remember that I wrote it down somewhere.

Guess what? I have no solution for this. I suppose trusting your instincts is a start. There's usually a reason.

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