Sunday, November 04, 2007

That tiny moment

I had to kill some time the other day, so I sat down by myself at IHOP. Of course, there are two things wrong with that sentence.
  1. I hardly ever eat out by myself
  2. I hardly ever eat at IHOP (although pancakes are fanTAStic)
For a moment, I stared out the window at an ugly stretch of road, looking at run down parking lots and storefronts, and wondered what it would be like if this was my life. On the road. Alone. In unfamiliar places.

Not that I would want that kind of life. But, for a split second it seemed as though I could be happy living a completely different life. It's like having that feeling where you just want to veer your car into the barrier or jump through a window, just to prove that you could survive.

Then the moment passes...and you wonder if you aren't a little bit crazy. My gaze drifted upwards as I came back to reality where this sign hung above my head:
Share the Gift of Happiness

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