Friday, April 11, 2008

It's the little things that say something about you

I was walking behind some kids (late teens, early 20's) the other day, and one of them threw his empty soda cup onto a perfectly clean, spotless, manicured lawn alongside the sidewalk. Walking about 20 yards behind them, I picked it up. hoping they would notice.

Two minutes later, his friend, finished with his soda, tossed it over the wall and into someone's backyard. I almost yelled out to them, but figured it wasn't worth getting in a fight (I had no homeys to back me up).

As a general rule, I don't judge. But somehow, for some reason, that one little action made me judge. It's pretty stupid, I'll admit, but in an instant, I learned so much about those two kids.

Maybe it's just basic "Do unto others"? But seriously, we're all human beings here, there is no point in being a dick just because you'll get away with it.

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