Thursday, December 07, 2006

Frame of Reference

I drove home last night from the dealership after getting two new tires (and a few other things). As I slowed to park, I noticed a bad sound coming from one of the tires, as though it had been put on incorrectly. Cursing the dealership, I vowed never to return (after they fixed my tire of course).

For you see, I don't like them. It's not that they do a terrible job, but they do just an adequate job, and I always feel like I'm being screwed somehow. And my car is never ready when they say it will be.

This morning, I discovered that it was a rock stuck between the treads of my tire. I removed it, and the problem went away. I felt silly for blaming the dealership, but that's what else can you expect?

Everything that happens is viewed the frame of reference we've built up through similar past experiences. If I liked my dealership, I probably wouldn't have worried about the tire (or at least, I would have thought to blame a rock before the dealer).

It'd be nice if once in a while we could eliminate those biases. I bet the world would look completely different...

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