Tuesday, December 05, 2006

More on choice

I know I said it was important to choose. But you know, more often than not, I think the reason that it's so hard to make a choice is that we're given so many. Think I'm being dramatic? Go to the store and try to pick out some band aids.

What size do you want? Waterproof? How about the ones that already have neosporin on them? Nah, just get the sport kinds. Oh, also you might want the clear ones. We haven't even talked about shape yet! Oh and brand. And quantity. And...then there's price.

After several full minutes, I just randomly grabbed something and went to the tooth brushes. The row must have stretched on for at least 20 feet. Eep!

I think I'm over having so many choices and so much variety. Life used to be so much simpler...who's with me?

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