Friday, February 01, 2008

I haven't asked for advice from old people lately

From this article over at Businesspundit:
You can learn a lot by talking to the elderly. One thing you typically find is that they do have common regrets, very different from the faux regrets above. They wish they had taken better care of themselves, saved more money, spent more time with friends and family, and done more to achieve some of their goals. They never wish they had watched more television.
And, in my final reference to Stumbling on Happiness, the book concludes with the idea that if we want to know if something will make us happy, we should ask someone else who has made the decision we're considering. Yes, even a random person. Will you be happier living in Denver? Ask someone who moved there recently. Will you like running your own consulting business? Talk to people who have done it.

With all the information out there these days, it's easy to go on without anyone's advice. You can find all the answers. But none of us really know ourselves or our minds as well as we think we do. Hell, it might even worth projecting forward a few years as yourself, and then look back and imagine what regrets you might have.

I know I'm spending a too much time on things I won't even remember in a few years...

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