Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Some radical ideas about work

There are quite a few things swirling around out there with regards to the traditional work relationship (go in to work from 9-5 Monday thru Friday) and it's effectiveness. One such article mentions the new ROWE (Results Only Work Environment) recently implemented at Best Buy.
The results have been spectacular: an average 35% boost in productivity in divisions working in ROWE and a decrease in voluntary turnover by 52-90% depending on department. (Interestingly, involuntary turnover increased among ROWE workers—while it might seem like slacker paradise, shirkers have no place to hide when the only measure of work is results. What’s more, as the number of meetings fell, collaboration and teamwork improved.) Just as important, employee engagement and other “soft” metrics (like energy and hours of sleep and family time) went up significantly. Check out the fascinating study from University of Minnesota for more data on the links between freedom and accountability, productivity, happiness, and health.
Kinda makes you want to be a workplace happiness consultant, doesn't it? Or maybe that's what they should be calling those guys like Bob & Bob from Office Space?

In other work related news, apparently telecommuters are both more productive and more loyal? Start setting yourself up for this kind of work now, it will become prevalent before you know it...

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