Friday, May 16, 2008


This is not about happiness but...

Ever heard those crazy stats that go something like this: "Did you know there are more sheep than people in Scotland?"

"Not possible!" you say.
"How quaint!" you exclaim.

Well, according to this video "What's Wrong with the way we eat", the United States kills roughly 10,000,000 animals each year for food consumption. Ooops. I forgot 3 zeros. I meant: TEN BILLION. That's what, roughly 30 times our population?

A few other stats:
  • "Between 1950 and 2000 the worlds population doubled, the meat consumption increased fivefold"
  • "Experts who are serious about disease reduction recommend that we eat just over a half a pound of meat per week". Our actual consumption is over 1/2 pound per more than 7 times more than that.
Since roughly 20% of all greenhouse gas is generated by livestock, or it's transportation.

The idea of eating less meat for the sake of the environment is an easier sell than "being mean to animals". At least for me anyway.

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