Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Consistency is hard

Just for kicks, I went back and read some of my very first posts (read the first, and then keep clicking "newer post" to keep going). Reading them made me smile, and many of them I don't even remember writing. I even felt like I learned something.

Deep down, most of us know what is right, and how we should be living. Following through is the hard part. How long can you keep something up? A week? A month? 5 years?

It's extremely hard to be motivated and enthusiastic about any one thing for that length of time. The people who do it well rise to the top and are often rewarded for their perseverance.

Those older posts were more introspective (or emo, as my friend Burt would accuse), and somewhere along the way I lost momentum. Sadly, that's probably a good synopsis of my entire life: start strong, lose steam, and then end up chasing the first colorful butterfly that comes along.

I admire people who can stick to one thing for years at a time. Unfortunately I haven't figured out if that is something I am capable of. Maybe the right thing hasn't come along just yet?

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