Saturday, October 14, 2006

Why we need time apart

I still remember exactly what Mrs. Roller said to us in 7th grade sex ed...uh....wait, maybe I don't. But the paraphrased version sounds something like this:
It's Infatuation, not Love, when you can't stand being apart.
I appreciate time apart, being alone, because it helps to reaffirm that everything is still right in my life. The funny thing is that I never intend to sit down and have these mini-moments of clarity, but those thoughts always seem to sneak in anyway. It'd be easier to describe if I felt like I needed some time apart. But I don't.

Nonetheless, it's like sitting on the beach in the sunshine, watching the waves slowly roll in...and then just when you think the day can't get any better, this warm breeze starts blowing gently and you can't help but smile. That subtle change makes you realize, this isn't just a pretty view, it's something you are a part of.

When the breeze goes away, everything feels a little better somehow. It's a reminder to cherish each moment. A reminder not to take being together for granted.

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