Sunday, October 15, 2006

Change comes from within

They always say that you can't change a person. It's true.

You can nudge someone into making small changes (the first trivial example that comes to mind is: putting the toilet seat down), but no one can make big changes until they are ready. I have known for a long time that I am lazy about getting certain things done, and I love to procrastinate. Well, truthfully I don't love it, in fact, I probably hate it. But for years, it has been something that I just can't seem to stop doing. Part of the problem was that at first, I didn't see it as something that needed to be changed. Even finally admitting to myself that I needed to change wasn't enough. I had to want to change.

Finally, years later, I notice myself doing things that I never would have done before. Paying bills right when I get them, instead of waiting till the last moment. When someone asks me for a favor with no time constraint, I do it almost right away, because I know that otherwise I'll forget.

I'm realizing that it feels better to operate this way. The old me would have some sort of distant task to do, and it would pop into my head every few days. Remember me. Remember me. Remember me. Doing it right away clears out my mental inbox, and ultimately makes me happier.

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