Tuesday, January 15, 2008

On Resources, and using them

Grinding It Out also touches on this concept that "business will expand to tax the facilities provided." Think you'll need 80 seats in your restaurant? Put in 120, and sure enough, you'll find a way to fill all those tables at peak hours.

This is probably a concept that we can see everywhere in our world:
  • If days became 26 hours long, you can imagine, that it would only take a few days for you to figure out how to fill those extra 2 hours (and you probably wouldn't know the difference).
  • The Central Artery, a highway in Boston, was built with a capacity that well exceeded the "need" at the time, but of course, almost immediately after the work finished, they started planning it's replacement. The increased capacity brought and more cars until it could hold no more. $14.6 billion later, I'm told the traffic situation has improved somewhat.
  • Somehow, no matter what size my desk is, it seems to be entirely covered with piles of stuff within days of a thorough cleaning
And so on...

Someone was recently telling me about similar research done with food and rats. Or rabbits? Can't remember. Basically, the size of the group correlated precisely with the amount of food placed into the habitat. Kinda makes you wonder if we should be worried about the recent run-up of efficient food production on this planet...?

PS - Going to be off for a few days. Check back in a week...I promise a swift return!

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