Thursday, November 16, 2006

Closing one door opens another

Why? Because it gives us something to measure our happiness against. When things are great all the time, it's very easy to begin to take it for granted. That could be one reason I like changing environments.

It's very easy to take the weather for granted in southern California, for example. You need those memories of (and occasional visits to) harsh Wisconsin winters to fully appreciate what you have.

I have fond memories of all the places I've lived. In fact (and I'm not kidding), in my memory, I remember being happier than I actually was at the time. Comparing where I've been with where I am makes me appreciate both places even more. Sure there are things that I miss from one place to the next, but every decision in life involves tradeoffs.

Closing one door opens another.

I'm always amazed by people who have never left their hometown. Without having a comparison, how could they fully appreciate it?

Care to share what makes your town great?

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Kelly said...

Pittsburgh is great because the people are so friendly. Everyone you meet is excited to share something with you; a story, a joke, a comment on the Steelers. People walk the streets with their heads up, making eye contact and smiling at people they pass. People have time for other people.