Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Time is Relative

As often happens, I got a call today from yet another person looking for a nearby business. This business used to have my number, but years ago (1988 to be exact) there was a split. The company in question got to keep the number but with a new area code.

The woman asked if I had heard of a Mr so-and-so. I hadn't. She asked if I had heard of the company. I had. "It's the same number but the area code is 508," I told her, as if reading from a script.

"That's odd," she replied, "it says 617 right here on the letterhead."

Now I was curious. So, just as I had expected, they were sending out materials with the wrong area code.

"M'am, when was the letter written?"
"Let's see...oh here it is: 1974." Her tone did not change. Her level of surprise did not waver. Yes, she was amazed that a company would have changed it's phone number in the last 32 years.

It's funny, I'm amazed when new companies still exist two or three years later. If I think about it, I'm not really sure who's world I'd rather live in?

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