Thursday, November 30, 2006

Honestly? Honesty

Just a quick note about honesty, or maybe about being direct. Or then again, maybe the fun fact is just a truth serum.

You'll remember I asked co-workers for a fun fact about themselves. One person had been holding out, telling me that she wasn't interesting, but eventually gave me a fun fact. Almost two months later, I receive an email telling me that she had approval from her boss to have it removed from the website.

She had been thinking about this for TWO MONTHS. Had she simply told me from the beginning that she was uncomfortable with the idea, I would have stopped bugging her about it.

Being honest, saying "no" upfront, is, in the long run, better for everyone. She avoids stress and saves time thinking about it (and bringing it up with her boss). I save time (giving her shit about being boring) and don't end up ultimately being insulted that she went over my head, making me look bad.

Time to go practice what I preach.

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