Tuesday, January 09, 2007

I'm looking for ideas

Let's say you have a lot of things you want to get done. None of them are absolutely crucial, but you'd like to do them all. Where do you start? Sometimes I feel overwhelmed with things that I need or want to do, and while my mind jumps back and forth between them, all that ever happens is that I create new problems to solve.

Does anyone have any personal tips about how they manage many different ideas and tasks at once? At this rate, sometimes I think I'll just be that guy who came up with lots of cool ideas but never actually implemented any of them....

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Matt said...

Here's what I know. I started my happiness blog as a weekend project - literally, I only worked on it on the weekends (usually after getting home from the bar I tend on weekends), and then made myself put it away during the week to work on my dissertation and school-related stuff. I've been on winter break, so the weekend rule hasn't been operative, but I might go back to it once I get busy revising my dissertation.

So, maybe annoint some idea a "weekend project." (It gives you something to anticipate during the week...)