Monday, January 22, 2007

Your last request

Just now, I was pondering the age old question: if today was the last day of your life, what would you do? Immediately I thought that I'd go around trying to say goodbye to as many people as possible - but that seemed like too obvious of an answer.

So, same question, but with the condition that you cannot visit with anyone you know. What then? As I pondered the most amazing things I could think to do in a day I realized how suddenly unspectacular they seemed. In the grand scheme of your life, this one cool thing, on this one day, isn't going to mean much.

Not unless you can spend it with someone important to you.

If Lois Griffin from the Family Guy taught me anything it was "it's not what you to that defines the quality of your life, it's who you do it with." Maybe all my memories are just as much about people as they are about places.

In the spirit of this post, I'll tell you the best thing I could think of. I'd climb to the top of the highest snowy peak I could find, and sit there, waiting out the inevitable, watching the clouds cast shadows over the surrounding mountains, lakes, and valleys.

But getting to bring someone along makes it sound so much better...

(Please use the comments to post what you would do on your last day if you weren't allowed to visit with anyone you know)

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