Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Save money, become homeless

The LA Times gives us this story of a guy who set out to live in his truck for a year to help reduce/eliminate his debt. You can also read his blog at: http://gotruckyourself.blogspot.com/

Actually, now that I think about it, when I lived in LA I knew a guy who lived out of a truck for almost a year. He said you really just needed a cell phone and a gym membership. He also had a dog, which I'm sure complicated things a bit more.

He'd "move" all the time...park by the beach for a few days...drive up to the mountains for a few days. It actually sounded pretty cool.

Neither of these guys are extraordinary. They both had a plan, and executed. That's something that anyone can do. I keep hearing it, again and again: the key to success is really just setting goals and then achieving them. Make them as outrageous as you want, just commit to making them happen.

The gotruckyourself guy is still in his truck, 19 months later. You have to admire people who set goals like that and achieve them. I wonder what he'll you'll do next.

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