Sunday, February 04, 2007

This I promise

I feel guilty. That's what happens when I let a few days slip by without putting in my time with On Happiness. So, I pledge to you, my most loyal of readers, to post at least once per workday for the next month. If I fail, feel free to call me names in the comments.

Apparently I'm good at keeping my word. In 13 minutes I'm wrapping up my month of only eating groceries. It was much easier than you'd think. Due to poor estimating on my part, I did end up eating out one day while I was moving to my new apartment because I hadn't eaten all day and was still mid-move. That kind of stuff always seems to take so much longer than you think it will.

Maybe this blog should be called On Change. I'm taking small steps. Next month, I'll probably eat out a bit, but not nearly as much as I had been. I've laid the foundation for change. In fact, 3 people mentioned to me separately that they'd taken up the no eating out cause. (Apparently this is a common New Year's Resolution, but I still think it works better as a pact!). I will check up on them and report back any findings.

Making sure to have a blog entry every weekday (very few people are reading on the weekends...I take that to mean that everyone is away from their computers, enjoying the physical world) will help me set a foundation for planning and budgeting my time.

It's not going to be convenient or easy because there are some nights that I just won't have the time, and others where I'll be out of town completely. It'll force me to think ahead, and even pre-write some of the entries.

Keep an eye on me. Accountability is a good thing.

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