Friday, March 09, 2007

Be a ferret

When my ferrets are in the cage, they pretty much eat and sleep. They're not that curious about what's going on outside the cage, because they've already explored that room (the kitchen) a hundred times over.

Last night I put their cage in the bedroom, the one place they're not allowed to go in the house. The dynamic inside the cage has totally changed. They're moving around, peering out and any sign of movement in the room, and occasionally trying to bust out of the cage. (Don't worry, they do get out enough.)

Change is exciting and invigorating. Although they want to get out more than they did before, you can tell that life just became a whole lot more interesting.

If you put a cat in a new environment, it will go hide under the bed.

In life, don't be a cat. Find your inner ferret.


The ferrets' step-mom said...

Kitties will cuddle with you. They respond to love and thus are…… happy. Ferrets are highly sporadic and I will dare to use the term feisty. They give no indication of happiness. But I will say they ferrets are pretty damn cute.

chunsaker said...

I agree with above. No cat-bashing. you put a cat in a new room, they will hide iunder the bed for a day, and then come out, take ownership of the room and all the furniture and laze...happily...on any horizontal surface. Its just a less hyper appreciation of change.