Monday, March 12, 2007

Inspiration vs. Time

Sometimes it takes me 20 minutes of sitting and thinking before I can start writing a post. I don't plan it out, I just wait for an idea and then I run with it. I could write out ideas, create an outline and work on a thrilling intro and conclusion, but how much better would they actually be?

If I don't act on the idea, I'll often lose it forever. Even if it gets written down, I often never get back around to it. If I plan too much, I run out of time. The best posts were not written because I stared at a blank screen and waited for something to come to me. An idea come to me, I dropped what I was doing, and I wrote it.

Then I'll go back to whatever I was doing beforehand. Although honestly, a lot of times I don't because it really wasn't as important as it seemed at the time.

This is a fantastic metaphor for life. Act when inspiration hits. Don't try to schedule it.

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