Monday, March 12, 2007

Clocks. Who needs 'em anyway?

Post Offices nationwide recently removed all clocks from their waiting areas as part of a "retail standardization program". Without getting carried away with mockery and jokes, they may be on to something.

Clocks suck. So do watches. Do we really need to know what time it is at every possible moment of the day? Watching the clock is stressful. If you are late for something, the clock in the dashboard of your car only makes things worse. It's not like you can use it to help you get there faster.

Clocks make you impatient. How important are exact minutes anyway? Since they can just decide to move our clocks ahead early this year, apparently hours are relative.

If you didn't have strict hours for your job, wouldn't the clock seem less important? If you tivo everything, doesn't that make the clock less important? If you can contact people by cellphone wherever you both happen to be, doesn't that make the clock less important?

I used to have a digital clock staring me in the face next to my bed. I swear to you, I am much happier without it.

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