Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Having things to do

A lot of older people have always told me that it's good to like golf, because you'll need something active to do when you get old. I'm starting to think that's more true than ever. Our generation is going to retire in our 50's and 60's, and then have 30 to 40 years left to live. That's as much (if not more) time in retirement, than actually working.

What this means:
  1. Have things in your life that you love to do
  2. Plan ahead moneywise, either:
    • Make a lot of money
    • Live cheaply
    • Have some form(s) of passive income
    • Have kids that like you (free room and board when you retire!)
    • Or, any combination of the above
I have had many people tell me they wouldn't know what to do with their time if they didn't work. Just wait till they're sick of working, then what?

No time like the present to go hit a bucket of balls...

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Wellen Dowd said...

Golf is not only mild exercise that can be age-appropriate, but it's an excellent time-burner. It's a day walking in the park with your buddies. Number one advice from an older guy: have enough money so that working beyond retirement is an option, not a requirement. Slowly phase out from your career if you can. Develop hobbies now, try travel, charity work, time with the family. Here's a radical concept, especially for those who are on a tight budget: raise the grandkids in return for compensation from your kids (room, board, whatever). The grandkids get the benefit of your years of wisdom, plus you have more time on your hands to give to them. Your kids love it because they don't have to constantly juggle the hectic pace of a career and child-raising. Plus, who to better trust their kids to than their parents?
Speaking of "Time to kill", here's a question: How many millions of years can you stay "occupied" in heaven? Talk about boredom: Strumming a harp, preening your angel wings, praising God...then what? (Better pray for reincarnation! What better game is there than THIS, eh?)